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“As adults, we know that so many of us experience anxiety and intrusive worries, and we may not have the tools to deal with them. Our kids have worries too, and at a young age, lacking perspective, their worries can seem like the worst things in the world to them. Wouldn’t it be a better world if our children could learn how to reduce their stress and cope with anxiety, and maybe even start a generation of less stressed adults? This book could be the first step.” —Portland Book Review

“Unique, special, thoroughly ‘kid-friendly’ in tone, organization, and presentation.” —Midwest Book Review

‘These books remind us that we are not alone, and with the right tools and support system, we can learn to be more comfortable and handle the challenges in front of us….. A Feel Better Book for Little Worriers is a general book for children that covers a wide range of potential anxieties.  It focuses on breathing and visualization to calm down, as well as the importance of communicating with parents and other trusting adults.  The back of the book has tips and tools for parents and caregivers.’ —AlphaMom

Book Description

Worries can feel like a BIG problem to a LITTLE kid! A Feel Better Book for Little Worriers assures kids that having some worries is normal — everyone has them, even adults! The rhyming narration helps little kids to identify a worry and where it might come from, as well as provides them with helpful tools to reduce and cope with worries. Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers that expands on the cognitive-behavioral science behind the strategies and tools presented in the book, with more information on how you can help your little worrier to stay calm.

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